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Some people often say that traveling to Paris is just a waste of time. You’ll hear different complaints like “Paris is only famous because of its Eiffel Tower”, or “Paris is a dirty place”. But don’t let these opinions stop you from experiencing Paris yourself. That’s where the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” comes to life. So if you’re one of those people who wants to travel to Paris, continue to read down below and follow these tips to make your Paris travel worthwhile.

  • Explore by Walking

  • The best way to explore around the city is by walking around. There’s no joy on taking a taxi to roam around the city. By walking, you’ll stumble upon a lot of stores, restaurants, and gift shops that you’ll surely love to visit. You can also use Google Maps on your smartphone just in case you get lost or something. Try visiting the River Seine and hop on their “Batobus” boats too. These boats will take you to nine different stops where Paris’ main attractions and highlights are residing.
  • Visit Art & History Museums

  • You’ll find a myriad of art museums and monumental churches around Paris. With over 130 museums scattered around the place, you’ll surely be having a good time if you’re fond of arts. One of the most popular of them all is the Louvre where you can find the Mona Lisa and the Notre-Dame. You can feast your eyes on the Musee de l’Armee too, a military museum filled with weapons and uniforms. You can also find Napoleon’s tomb in there too. If you want to see arts that are dated back in 1848-1914, then the Musee d’Orsay is the perfect place for you. Sainte-Chapelle is a grand royal Gothic-style chapel with an exquisite architecture paired with stained glass windows.
  • Shopping

  • Paris is considered as the fashion capital of the world. Don’t forget to visit their fashion stores as you can find a lot of outfits that will really stand out in the crowd. It may be pricey though, but the quality and looks is all worth it. Visit Galleries Lafayette if you want to experience the ultimate department store shopping experience. Champs-Elysees is also reminiscent of the Times Square of New York. It’s a place where you can find a lot of fashion shops and high end designer stores.
  • Cheaper Things to Do in Paris

  • If you’re a student, then don’t forget to bring your ID card with you. Use your ID card to get freebies and student discounts everywhere from shops, transportation, museums, and more. Paris is home to a plethora of beautiful parks. The Luxembourg Gardens is the perfect place to relax and find peace for a while after a long day of strolling around the city. If tight on budget, Sandeman’s Free Walking Tour is your best option to go with. It’s a great way to get acquainted with the city. The guides will walk you around throughout the neighborhood and the city’s famous landmarks. They also share stories and interesting facts too as you go along the way. If you’re on the spooky side, Pere-Lachaise Cemetery is a popular tourist spot that’s also free. You can see the graves of Oscar Wilde, Chopin, and even Jim Morrison.
  • French Etiquette

  • French are known for their rude reputation among other people, but it just means that they have little to minimal interaction with strangers. They usually want to be approached first rather than them approaching you. Learn to speak their language too even just the basics. Words like ‘bonjour’ which means ‘hello’, ‘merci’ which means ‘thank you’, and ‘au revior’ which means ‘goodbye’ is enough. These are the basic words that French people teach their children while still young and you as a tourist is no exception. If you fail to do so, you’ll likely encounter a ‘Parlez-vous Anglais’ which means ‘do you speak English?’ question.
  • Don’t Get Stuck Falling in Line

  • Don’t be surprised if the waiting lines in Paris’ different attractions are longer than your patience. If you want to avoid getting in line, you an book tickets advance via online. This is essential especially if you’re traveling during summer months where a lot of people are surely having their vacation also. If getting tickets in advance is not your thing, you can head to your favorite attraction as early as possible before opening time, because waiting lines can usually take up hours in a single day which is really a time waster.
  • Foods & Drinks

  • Cafés are found all over the place in Paris as well as Patisseries (French bakeries). Bakeries in Paris are a must visit. There different variety of breads such as baguettes, croissants, and custard cakes are best tasting that makes you want to crave for more. Paris is also known for their choclat shops and extremely delicious macarons. French people also likes to take their time enjoying their food. They spend hours just eating at the table outside quaint street. Drinking wine is also their thing when the evening comes.
  • Parisians also eat dinner at eight in the evening, meaning you won’t find any dining restaurants that are open until the clock strikes at this hour. French cuisine in flavorsome and hearty. You should definitely try out their escargot (snails) or their duck l’orange (roast duck bathed in orange sauce). And don’t forget their soupe à l’oignon (French onion soup) which is definitely mouth-watering.
  • Be Aware of Your Surroundings

  • Pickpockets like to steal on tourists so be mindful of your surroundings everywhere you go. Don’t carry all your credit cards and cash with you. Leave some in your hotel room so that you’ll have something to spare just in case you got pickpocketed. Only ride official taxi instead of accepting random offers from people that don’t belong to a transportation company. These kind of people will scam you by charging you double the original price.
  • Avoid suspicious people while visiting crowded and busy attractions. Gypsies are known to scam people so you should definitely avoid them. You can find a lot of people in these places who’ll try to scam you by selling low quality selfie sticks and tacky Eiffel Tower souvenirs so be sure to avoid them too.

So there you have it! Paris is known as the city of love because of its romantic places. Now that you’re finished reading the tips above, you’re ready to explore Paris by yourself and immerse in its beauty. After your visit, you’ll surely want to come back for more.

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