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One way to escape from all the stress in our lives is by traveling. And there’s nothing better than making your travel worthwhile while it lasts. In this article, we’re going to list our top 13 travel tips to make your trip as enjoyable as ever. You can also share these tips with your travel-savvy friends too. Let’s begin!

  1. Learn to Speak the Language of the Locals of Your Destination

  • Learning to speak the language of another country can give the locals an impression that you’re trying to be approachable. Duolingo is an app that you can download on your smartphone that teaches you how to speak different languages. It’s useful if you want to learn how to speak a language the easier way compared to reading books or guides online. A simple “Hello” can lead to different opportunities along the way.
  1. Pack Smarter & Lighter

  • What’s the point of carrying a heavy luggage if most of these items you aren’t even going to use right? This is one of the most important travel tip that you should keep in mind. Packing light saves you time and also saves you money from checking-in your bags at the airport. Also, hand carrying your luggage is much easier and ensures you that your things won’t get stolen.
  1. Check Your Passport and Visa Before Leaving

  • Some countries require your passport to have at least six months of usability left before you can enter. So before leaving, make sure that your passport is up-to-date so you won’t run into trouble later. Don’t forget to bring the most important traveling item of all which is your Visa.
  1. Leave Extra Money in Your Hotel Room

  • Don’t carry all your cash around with you when you go outside. Bad things happen unexpectedly and you might never know your wallet might get stolen in just a blink of an eye. Make sure to leave extra money in your hotel room so that you can use it for later just in case something bad happens.
  1. Get a Travel Insurance

  • A travel insurance is your life saver just in case something terrible happens during your trip. Don’t hesitate to get one!
  1. Visit Your Bank and Credit Card Companies Before You Go

  • If you forgot to do so, you won’t be able to use your card internationally. Be sure to orient them about your travel plans so you they can take action about your cards.
  1. Get to Know the Locals

  • Don’t just rely too much on smartphone apps to guide you where to go in a particular place. Sometimes, the best places to visit are found by talking to the locals. Yes, you heard that right. Why? Because the locals already know the place before trip advisor or any other “travel” apps were even invented. Locals also appreciate visitors approaching them too so make sure to listen to their stories if they share one. They love getting to know you as much as you enjoy getting to know them.
  1. Avoid Getting Scammed

  • These days, people will do anything just to get easy money in their hands. During your trip, make sure to get to know the person first or ask a lot of questions if they try to offer something to you. You can also avoid transportation scams too by negotiating the price first before you get on the vehicle.
  1. Make Back-Ups of Your Travel Documents

  • While still at home, print copies of all your travel documents such as passports, visa, itinerary’s and more. Keep these copies in a separate bag away from your actual documents so they don’t get mixed up. This is extremely useful just in case your original documents get stolen.
  1. Don’t Rush

  • Immerse yourself on the destination your traveling to so that you can fully enjoy your trip. Be spontaneous and create moments that’s worth cherishing as you watch the world go by.
  1. Create a Business Card with Your Hotel Room and Number on It

  • This is essential if you’re traveling to a different country. If you don’t create one, then you’ll be having a hard time finding your way back to your hotel room.
  1. Don’t Be Tempted On Booking the Cheapest Flight You Found

  • A cheap flight may sound like a good deal especially when you’re saving some cash, but these kinds of flights takes twice as long to get to your destination. If you really want to book one, check its benefits first so that you’ll know what you’re getting. There are times where paying more is a viable option than paying less.
  1. Get an International Driving Permit If You Plan on Hitting the Road

  • If driving is your thing, then you might want to get an international driving permit to rent a car in other countries.

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