Family Traveling Tip: Where to Go Best During Sunny and Snowy Weather

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Traveling during spring is fun, and also during winter too. Both of them has its advantages and disadvantages but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to choose this one than the other. If you want to get lost in the world during spring then go for it, if you feel like winter is the best time to explore then go ahead and pack your things. In this article, we’re going to provide you the best locations for spring and winter travel. Let’s take a look at them shall we?

Spring Break Destinations

  • Oahu – is the perfect destination for your spring break travel. It has great sites such as the Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, and the Honolulu Zoo. There are also a lot of Food, Shopping, Beaches, and ABC stores that surrounds the entire place.
  • Loreto Mexico – If you stumble upon the Baja Peninsula, you can find Loreto Mexico. This low key-village is called a “pueblo magico” which means a “magical town” because it’s located on the gorgeous Sea of Cortez. White beaches and historical places combines with incredible Mexican food is what you can find in this destination.
  • Pismo Beach – If you and your family wants to go on a beach escapade during spring, then look no further with Pismo Beach. Pismo is filled with family-friendly resorts, enjoyable activities, shopping stores, and exquisite restaurants for wining and dining with the whole family.
  • San Diego – San Diego is filled with kid-friendly destinations such as beaches, parks, the San Diego Zoo and Legoland theme park. This is the perfect place to let your kids enjoy as well as the inner kid inside you.


Winter Break Destinations

  • Whistler – is Canada’s biggest ski resort. It’s the perfect place if you want five-star quality service combined with meals that’s definitely worth the price. The place is filled with hills for skiing complete with lessons, pools, hotels, and a small pedestrian-only village. It’s one of the most popular winter resorts in the entire world.
  • Sun Peaks – is Canada’s second biggest ski resort. It has three mountains that offers miles of skiing fun for the whole family. The place also comes with several terrain parks, a pool and hot tub facility, and a Euro-style pedestrian village.
  • The Big White – is located near Kelowna. This place is perfect for families who’s always up for adventure. It has a 60-foot ice tower, skating rink, tubing, sleigh rides, and last but not the least, restaurants with exquisite foods for the whole family to dine.
  • Silver Star – is a small village that’s located in Vernon. It has several extensive cross-country ski trails, and an accommodation that the whole family can surely enjoy.

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