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There’s no denying traveling by RV is one of the most economical ways to travel. As long as you research ahead of time combined with proper planning, you can save a lot of cash without worrying about your bank account getting declined.

The best way to plan your RV travel is by planning during “shoulder seasons”, where discounts are appearing over the place offered by various campsites and city attractions. So how can we travel by RV while minimizing the cost at the same time? Here are 5 tips for that!

  1. Travel Places by One Tank Gas Away

  • Traveling to places not far away from home can indeed save you money and gas. It may sound cheap, but you’ll be surprised to find new destinations that you never knew existed because you’re used to going places that are miles away.
  1. Less is More

  • The less weight your RV carries, the more places you can go. This is where the “less is more” policy comes to life. Only bring what you think is essential for the trip and leave the ones that aren’t. Unless if you’re going to spend the whole week where bringing a lot of things is definitely needed.
  1. Choose Plastic over Paper Dinnerware

  • It may be easier to bring paper plates to use as dinnerware because of its “eat-and-toss” approach, but lightweight and inexpensive plastic ware are more economical and easier to find. They are even reusable because you can wash them as soon as you’re finish using it. It can also help save weight on your RV because they’re more lighter compared to bringing stacks of paper plates.
  1. Drive Less, Stay More

  • Consider making fewer stops to different places when traveling by RV. This saves you gas and gives you the chance to explore the area more. Spend more time in each destination you’ve stopped too and do an in-depth exploring into the area. You’ll probably meet new people along the way and might discover stores that offer big discounts on their items.
  1. Visit Local Shops and Dollar Stores

  • If you’re low on supplies, make a trip to convenience or dollar stores instead of heading out to the groceries where prices are insanely high. Dollar stores offer big discounts which can save you cash. Also, you can get freshly picked produce on roadside fruit and vegetable stands along the street. Keep a lookout for flea markets or garage sales too where you can find rare items that you might love. Stopping over the neighborhood to buy something on a garage sale can give you the chance to meet new people and make new friends.

Some Final Quick Tips for RV Traveling:

  • Visit state parks as they are cheaper compared to public parks.
  • Be sure to subscribe to RV magazines to stay up-to-date with discounts.
  • Shop at Walmart, K-mart, GI Joes to avail cheaper priced products.
  • Save more cash by cooking all your meals inside the RV instead of eating out.
  • Avail senior discounts everywhere you go.
  • Don’t forget to plan ahead of time so everything will go well.



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