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Dementia is a disease where a series of symptoms can affect your thinking skills severe enough that even performing everyday tasks is nearly impossible. This is crucial especially for people who always like to travel a lot but has been living with the disease. So how can you ensure that you have a safe and smooth travel while having dementia? Here are a few tips down below.

  • Plan Ahead to Ensure a Smooth Flight

  • While still at home, make sure to contact your airline and avail a TSA pass and tell them in advance that you have the disease. Once at the airport, the TSA staff will walk you into an area where noise, distraction, and long waiting lines are out of sight. Dementia-carrying people are sensitive to noises so it’s important to avoid as much noise as possible while in the airport. Wearing noise cancelling headsets are also advisable too for extra protection.
  • Organize Your Luggage

  • Pack all your important clothes two weeks prior to your flight. It’s important to pack each outfit depending on what you will wear each day. This makes your luggage organized without the need to scramble everything up just to find your favorite outfit you want to wear on that specific day.
  • Be Oriented

  • If you arrived at your hotel after a long flight, don’t be afraid to ask for help on the counter to guide you throughout the entire building. Hotel staff will guide you through each floor and every corner of the building so that you’ll know where to go just in case you got lost. They can also escort you directly to your room and help you unpack. It’s also advisable to carry a tag with your name and hotel room number on it just in case of sudden confusion.
  • Take a Break

  • If you’re traveling via a cruise ship, it’s important to take a break for a while to keep your mind and body relaxed. Find a library or go somewhere quiet and peaceful where you can find solitude. But this doesn’t mean that you have to avoid socializing with people just because you had the disease. With proper planning and taking care of yourself, you can engage in doing such activities and meet new friends along the way.

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