Famous Examples
Successful mobility management measures implemented by well known companies

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Improved rail accessibility of the Nokia plant (Germany).
BASF introduced a comprehensive company transport plan (Germany).
Waterschap Veluwe promotes bicycle, public transport and car-pool ... with success (especially for cycling) (The Netherlands).
Wolfords promotion campaign increased cycling to work from 18% to 35% (Austria).
Rijnstate Hospital increased public transport use by more then 20% (The Netherlands).
The small company ECOVER supported its image as a producer of ecological products by implementing a system of financial support for cyclists, car-poolers and users of small cars (Belgium) .
Only 30% of Ford employees drive to work alone thanks to a successful company bus network and the success of car-pooling (Belgium).
Novartis (Switzerland) has an integrated cycling policy and 27% of journeys to work are by bike (Switzerland).
Nestlé developed a complete strategy to stimulate car-pooling (France).
The city of Ghent supported its mobility and cycling plans by introducing a commuter plan for its own civil servants (Belgium).
Stepping Hill Hospital introduced a successful multi-modal green commuter plan (UK).
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