About the TOOLBOX
About the toolbox, company mobility plans and their benefits

What is the "TOOLBOX for mobility management in companies"?

The toolbox is a search facility to help companies develop their own mobility plan, and to help them promote effectively the use of public transport, collective company transport, car-pooling, walking and cycling for home-work journeys. It has been developed by a consortium of European specialists in mobility management.


What is a company mobility plan?

A company mobility plan - also called a "green commuter plan" or "company transportation plan" - tries to bring together transport and other business issues in a co-ordinated strategy aiming at making better use of the company's resources. This strategy may include promotion of public transport, company buses, car-pooling, cycling, walking and introduction of measures such as parking management or more efficient use of vehicles.

From its origin in the United States, the concept of the company mobility plan has spread rapidly across Europe. A number of well known companies are implementing mobility plans (you will learn about their experiences in this toolbox), and a growing number are considering introducing such plans.



Why should a company be interested in making such a plan?