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Top Five Benefits of Drinking Water Before Traveling

Most people forget that water is one of the most important nutrient one should drink daily. Travelers must be mindful of their water intake as traveling can cause significant water losses. Our body can experience physiological changes because of an increase in altitude during airline travels. What’s worst is that an aircraft cabin’s humidity levels can become low at some point, ranging from 5-10% which is less humidity than the Sahara Desert.

Dehydration also plays a big part in exaggerating jet lag. Dehydration symptoms like dry chapped skin, increased wrinkles, dry eyes, tiredness, low urine output, dry mouth, headache, constipation, and dizziness may start to appear. Once started, it may lead to severe dehydration where you start experiencing low blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, extreme thirst, dry skin, loss of skin elasticity, little to no urination, and fever.

A study also proved that drinking enough water everyday can lower to risk of getting heart diseases. Individuals who drank five to eight glasses of water a day is less likely to get a fatal coronary heart disease than the ones who drank less than two glasses a day. The study also suggests that drinking enough water must also be included in your diet and exercise.

So for our traveler-savvy friends out there, this article is for you. Listed below are 4 important ways of how to keep yourself hydrated while traveling. So what are they? Let’s begin!

  1. Drinking two 8 ounce glasses of warm or room temperature water every time you wake up is essential for your body. This will give your body an energy boost that can help you last longer throughout a rough day.
  2. If you ever feel hungry, don’t just quickly grab some food in your fridge. Sometimes, our body tricks us of giving us a hungry feeling when in reality we are just thirsty for water. To increase your water intake, fill a water bottle or pitcher with water and drink it throughout the day. Be sure to put it somewhere near you so that you’ll be reminded to drink plenty of water.
  3. Drinking 8 ounces of water per hour during your flight is important to keep your body hydrated while in the air. Avoid drinking alcohol as this may dehydrate your body during flight. Did you know that your body uses water to process all the other beverages you drink?
  4. To replenish your body water back to its healthy and original state after a long flight, submerge yourself in a hot tub, pool, or bath filled with cold water. Immersing your whole body including your head in water can replenish your moisture directly by your pores.

Family Traveling Tip: Where to Go Best During Sunny and Snowy Weather

Traveling during spring is fun, and also during winter too. Both of them has its advantages and disadvantages but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to choose this one than the other. If you want to get lost in the world during spring then go for it, if you feel like winter is the best time to explore then go ahead and pack your things. In this article, we’re going to provide you the best locations for spring and winter travel. Let’s take a look at them shall we?

Spring Break Destinations

  • Oahu – is the perfect destination for your spring break travel. It has great sites such as the Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, and the Honolulu Zoo. There are also a lot of Food, Shopping, Beaches, and ABC stores that surrounds the entire place.
  • Loreto Mexico – If you stumble upon the Baja Peninsula, you can find Loreto Mexico. This low key-village is called a “pueblo magico” which means a “magical town” because it’s located on the gorgeous Sea of Cortez. White beaches and historical places combines with incredible Mexican food is what you can find in this destination.
  • Pismo Beach – If you and your family wants to go on a beach escapade during spring, then look no further with Pismo Beach. Pismo is filled with family-friendly resorts, enjoyable activities, shopping stores, and exquisite restaurants for wining and dining with the whole family.
  • San Diego – San Diego is filled with kid-friendly destinations such as beaches, parks, the San Diego Zoo and Legoland theme park. This is the perfect place to let your kids enjoy as well as the inner kid inside you.


Winter Break Destinations

  • Whistler – is Canada’s biggest ski resort. It’s the perfect place if you want five-star quality service combined with meals that’s definitely worth the price. The place is filled with hills for skiing complete with lessons, pools, hotels, and a small pedestrian-only village. It’s one of the most popular winter resorts in the entire world.
  • Sun Peaks – is Canada’s second biggest ski resort. It has three mountains that offers miles of skiing fun for the whole family. The place also comes with several terrain parks, a pool and hot tub facility, and a Euro-style pedestrian village.
  • The Big White – is located near Kelowna. This place is perfect for families who’s always up for adventure. It has a 60-foot ice tower, skating rink, tubing, sleigh rides, and last but not the least, restaurants with exquisite foods for the whole family to dine.
  • Silver Star – is a small village that’s located in Vernon. It has several extensive cross-country ski trails, and an accommodation that the whole family can surely enjoy.

Essential Travel Tips for People with Dementia

Dementia is a disease where a series of symptoms can affect your thinking skills severe enough that even performing everyday tasks is nearly impossible. This is crucial especially for people who always like to travel a lot but has been living with the disease. So how can you ensure that you have a safe and smooth travel while having dementia? Here are a few tips down below.

  • Plan Ahead to Ensure a Smooth Flight

  • While still at home, make sure to contact your airline and avail a TSA pass and tell them in advance that you have the disease. Once at the airport, the TSA staff will walk you into an area where noise, distraction, and long waiting lines are out of sight. Dementia-carrying people are sensitive to noises so it’s important to avoid as much noise as possible while in the airport. Wearing noise cancelling headsets are also advisable too for extra protection.
  • Organize Your Luggage

  • Pack all your important clothes two weeks prior to your flight. It’s important to pack each outfit depending on what you will wear each day. This makes your luggage organized without the need to scramble everything up just to find your favorite outfit you want to wear on that specific day.
  • Be Oriented

  • If you arrived at your hotel after a long flight, don’t be afraid to ask for help on the counter to guide you throughout the entire building. Hotel staff will guide you through each floor and every corner of the building so that you’ll know where to go just in case you got lost. They can also escort you directly to your room and help you unpack. It’s also advisable to carry a tag with your name and hotel room number on it just in case of sudden confusion.
  • Take a Break

  • If you’re traveling via a cruise ship, it’s important to take a break for a while to keep your mind and body relaxed. Find a library or go somewhere quiet and peaceful where you can find solitude. But this doesn’t mean that you have to avoid socializing with people just because you had the disease. With proper planning and taking care of yourself, you can engage in doing such activities and meet new friends along the way.

7 Reasons to See a Chiropractor

1. Expert on your Spine!

During our six-year school training, we learn to understand the precious language of your spine that protects the system that manages every function of your body and mind: the nervous system.

Each level of your spine is your “life column”. It allows the preservation and transmission of information from your brain to every part of your body.

Your chiropractor in fort worth is there to ensure good mobility and good transmission of information in order to allow each part of your body to function in an optimum way!

2. Release your Tension

When palpating your spine, your chiropractor is able to detect possible blockages that can lead to different ailments such as chronic fatigue, loss of mobility of the shoulder, a digestive problem… Thanks to the many precise, painless techniques that we call “fit” in our jargon, we stimulate the nervous system so that it can stimulate the body parts necessary to release tensions to restore movement and vitality to Your body.

3. Alternative Medicine

Taking care of your health naturally, here is one of the goals of chiropractic.

Your chiropractor is not an “anti-drug”, it is for, when this is really necessary and not taken by reflex. You have a great healing system in you.

4. Potentiate Your Health

Do you want to take control of your health, nourish and optimise your energy? See you at your chiropractor!

Medicine aimed at eliminating interferences blocking the good circulation of nerve impulses, fuel your internal energy, chiropractic tends to provide you with a state of durable well-being, away from pain and blockages, and in full vitality!

5. Global Health Advisor

Your chiropractor is a therapist who works on all aspects of your health through the nervous system. This system is one of the basic systems for the proper functioning of your body as a whole.

It manages both your mind and your joints through your organs. Thus, through the study of this system, we seek to understand you better and better advise you on a daily basis with, in addition to the adjustments, you provide advice on the overall health, both in the management of your emotions and your Food for example.

6. Choosing Well-being

What is your definition of health? Most of the time my patients and my entourage respond to me “no pain, no disease”…. what if it was something else, much more important?!

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and is not only a lack of disease or infirmity.”

Your chiropractor is there to accompany you to another dimension of your health, to what it should be by awakening the vitality that sleeps in you!

7. Preventive Medicine

Wanting to be healthy should be one of the primary goals of your life, because without it, you are limited in each of the spheres of your life.

Do not wait for sickness or pain to consult a doctor, but take the lead in order to build concrete health to allow you to optimize the rest of your life!

5 Things To Remember When You Relocate

All of us must have encountered trouble while we are relocating our house and that is why you are probably here. Relocating can be a big issue if not handled with care. Almost all of face a lot of troubles when we relocate ourselves and the most important reason is that we forget a lot of things when we pack and move. So in order to avoid the trouble that is caused by moving and packing, we are listing here some of the tips that you will have to remember.

A check-list is mandatory:

Whenever you are moving or relocating yourself to a different place, there are two types of things. One is the set of things that you will carry along with you, and the other is the set of things that you will have to send through a different transportation mode. Divide the things and make a list of the things that you are moving. One of the biggest troubles of relocating is missing things and even worse losing them. Making a checklist will help you keep track of the things that you have.

Look for movers and packers:

Yes, there were days when people had to move and pack all by themselves. But things have changed today, and we have movers and packers available now for every 10 feet. This is because relocating is not just a personal requirement but also a professional requirement and you have tones of people doing that for you. Also, these days service providers do almost everything. You can simply sit back and a watch. Your only work is to find the right person who will match your needs and budget.

Look for closet-movers:

The biggest deals in relocating can be packing your closet. Thankfully things have tremendously changed today, and we have to get along with them. Today movers and packers have readymade portable closets. These closets can be transported from present location to the new location. This way the folding, unfolding and ironing business is completely eliminated. So closet-movers are the best choice.

Split your essentials:

When you have service providers to get the work done for you, you are sure to miss out the essentials that you will have to carry along with you. That is why we asked you to make a list of things that you would want to carry along with you. Make sure you keep things away from the things that are not important right now. Also, avoid packing the unnecessary things and the things that you will never be using henceforth. This will reduce a lot of dead weight.

Stay with the truck:

When you have sent your things to the service providers, and you are all set to move to a distant place, there are always differences in the arriving time. In most cases, you reach earlier, and the truck reaches a little late. In these cases, it is better that you stay in touch with the movers and guide them. This way you are also making sure that everything is safe and sound.

5 Tips To Choose Packers And Movers

Packing and moving can be a great deal when you are relocating yourself. Unlike the yesteryears where you have to do all that by yourself, today we have a lot of movers and packers who can get that done for you. But again there is a problem. There are too many of them, and thereby you cannot get that done without some tips to choose the right service provider. So here are some of the tips that you have to remember in order to choose the right person.

Get your part done:

The first thing that you have to make sure is that you are getting your part. When it comes to moving and packing, your role would be to ensure that all the unwanted things are discarded and that you are packing only the things that you would actually use after relocating yourself. This way you are making the task easy. Also, it is your duty to make a checklist of things that you have and put them under broad categories. This will help you keep track of things that you are moving.

Start the research:

When you are done with your part, the next thing that you have to do is to start your research work. These days almost all the service providers have their websites. You can take a look at it and decide if a mover and packer could be a possible choice or not. You can look for the reviews that different people have given before you proceed further.

Make a list of the top 3:

You are obviously not going to stop with the very first person you see. Probe further. The deeper your research is, the better your results are. Look at different websites and get as many details as you want. Different people have different services to offer. So make sure that you have taken into account all your needs and the same match with the services. Stop when you have 3 good people at hand.

Cost is a major determinant:

In case, if you are finding it hard to determine the one that will actually provide the service out of the three, then there is still one factor left, and that is the cost that you shall incur. Cost is one factor that will always leave you with a perfect result. So, compare the cost that is being charged and get the work done. Make sure it is both affordable and worth the price that you are paying. With cost comes quality, but not always. This must leave you with one person at hand.

Always have an alternative:

It is always better to have an alternative choice. This is because you will never know when a person will mess up. That is why you must always have more than one person to get your work that, and for the same reason we ask you to end your research with three potential service providers.

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